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Mohsin Memon

Memcorp Immersive Learning

Mohsin has had a colorful upbringing. From working in odd jobs to working with Fortune 500 companies as an IT project manager to finding his passion in learning and games. In learning, Mohsin started his career as a soft skills trainer. He soon learned that the way people learned wasn't through someone teaching them but through real and authentic experiences. In the last 4 years his endeavor has been bring real, lifelike experiences for his participants in a classroom environment. Currently he works on what is known as immersive learning. He and his team at Memcorp have built immersive learning games that enable real, lifelike experiences that lead to realization and change in counter productive behaviors in leadership ranks. A typical problem statement that Mohsin's immersive games deal with might sound like: "Our leaders know that they need to collaborate for the bigger purpose but they still don't..." In other words he designs immersive learning games that deal will "will" issues instead of just "skill" ones. 

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