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Sebastian Gutmann

WVG Median
VP - WVG Medien GmbH

Sebastian started his career as a literary agent and business development consultant for publishers across the globe, becoming an expert in identifying and expanding business opportunities for his partners.


His (never ending stream of ideas and) strength of turning innovative concepts into powerful marketing tools and popular products drove some of the world’s most renowned publishing houses like World Book and Encyclopeadia Britannica (USA), Langenscheidt (Germany), Liaoning Publishing (China), Woonjing (Korea), Oceano (Spain and Latin America) or Periplus and Tuttle Publishing (Singapore) to work with him.


He looks back on a worldwide business network and about 20 years of expertise in developing and marketing physical publishing products, which he now managed to successfully transform into the digital world.


He immersed himself into the segment of early childhood education (soon after becoming a father) 10 years ago by consulting and later on heading the product development and worldwide marketing and sales unit for the education product “Discover English with Ben & Bella“.


Being the visionary that he is, he decided early on to seize the digital evolution by creating a complete digital ecosystem for “Ben & Bella“. By now, “Ben & Bella“ is a popular IP in the early education space having a range of multimedia products developed for children up to 5 years old to learn English in a fun way and expand their learning skills, including the award-winning Augmented Reality app “Ben & Bella Treasure Box.“